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Long Live The Pac-a-Mac

February 22, 2012 by  
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As we rapidly move into the warmer weather with temperatures meant to hit 15 degrees this week, it is time to look forward to Spring showers with one of the most faithful and wondrous of all designs of coat, the pac-a-mac.

When Noel Bibby invented this cagoule that can be packed into its own integrated bag in the early ’60’s I wonder if he realised just how popular and how vital this item of clothing has become.

It is probably true to say that almost every person either has a pac-a-mac or remembers wearing one at some point, and who would ever forget the huge amount of kit that you could hide in the front pocket when you were a kid. Now of course they are full of 3DS’s and mobile phones, but the fact still remains the same, which ever decade you live in, the pac-a-mac is one of the most convenient and versatile of coats.

For boys and girls alike, a pac-a-mac can be taken anywhere and contrary to historical evidence, is now well designed, well worn and can be a huge asset when you have to be prepared for any weather but don’t want to spend your days lugging about big heavy coats just in case it might rain. Keeping the neat little package in your own bag or even in your children’s rucksacks, mean that you always have some protection against the rain without having to worry about the weight and inconvenience of a standard coat.

Though the original pac-a-mac focused on functionality, rather than design, today we see some great styles of pac-a-mac for all ages and we have a range of girls macs that will ensure that your girl is ready for any weather in the most convenient and light weight way possible.

Heart spot printed pac a mac from BHSFor the younger girl, you can’t go far wrong with this gorgeous pink hearted pac-a-mac from BHS.

At only £8 this is a fantastic coverall solution which you can keep in your bag on even the sunniest days just so that you have that extra layer should you need it.

Beautifully light weight but in a colour and design that most girls will cherish, when you are not wearing this coat, it folds up neatly into the small pocket on the back of the coat for a convenient yet very practical shelter from the showers that always catch us out in the Spring.

Made with 100% polyester and completely machine washable, a pac-a-mac such as this one is not only ideal to protect your loved one from the rain but it is also a fantastic lightweight protection from the wind and the cold and ideal for using when you are travelling or walking or whenever weight and space are at a premium.

Spotty Pack a Parka from BHSAnd when they get that bit older, and feel that a pac a mac is just too childish, progress your daughter into the retro Pack a Parka also by BHS.

This fabulous invention gives all the lightweight protection and convenience of the traditional pac a mac, but does so in this fantastic up to date parka style that is going to make even the fussiest teenager bite their tongue.

And when you are not using you pack a parka, as the name suggests, you simply pack it into the convenient pocket and you have a small easy to carry package that is going to give you style and protection whenever you need it.

Available in this pink spot or a monochrome black spot, this pack a parka starts at just £18 and is available in older girls sizes up to 16 years.

We have a great range of macs, parkas and every kind of Girls Coat you could possibly want on our site for everyone from baby girls through to teenagers, so browse our site and find the right coat for you.

All our pac a macs can be found under our girls macs section which includes a variety of styles and colours suitable for everyone. So take a look today and let us do the hard work for you to make shopping with your children so much easier.