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Keep Your Girls Warm In The Cold Weather

February 10, 2012 by  
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I think we have already been surprised by the cold snap that has hit the country this week (though here at Girls Coats we have also had fun with a biggest snowman competition!) but we need to make sure that no matter where are children, whether we can sneak off for a quick sledging session (hurrah!) or whether they have to go to school (boo!) that all our children are warm and comfortable and we keep these sub zero temperatures well away from their sensitive little bones.

The general rule with dressing children is that your child should have the same number of layers as you, but in this rule, you must remember that your bra is a layer in itself. This means that if you wear a bra, a vest, a t-shirt and your coat, then your daughter will need a vest, a t-shirt, an extra layer and then their Girls Coat.

If you find that your daughter is complaining or tiring quickly when you are out in the cold weather, make sure that she is properly dressed and kept warm and that she continues to stay dry. This will make it more likely that your child is going to want to stay out later which means you can all have more fun.

Obviously at night time, getting the temperature of your child right is essential. If your child is cold, they will be waking up throughout the night but if they are overheated then that can also cause its own dangers. If your child is waking up between 2am and 4am on a regular basis then the likelihood is that they are under-dressed for bed. Between 2am and 4am is the coldest part of the night, so if your child is waking up regularly during this time then their bedding clothes should be the first thing you address. However, if you are adding extra layers to your daughter at night then consider adding vests and tops to your daughter’s bedtime clothes rather than adding loose covers that can cause their own dangers.

Keeping your child happy and comfortable during the cold weather is always going to be a trial, which is why we have developed Girls Coats to ensure you have a selection of fantastic coats and jackets for all your girls so that they stay warm and that you can have a happier and healthier time in the snow.

Have fun!