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Go Denim at GAP

March 30, 2012 by  
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Girls Denim Jackets at GAPOne of the best parts of being a parent, has to be the time when your daughter tells you about the latest high street fashions, only for you to produce pictures in the exact same style when you were a child!

The look of pure horror on your daughter’s face is always a sight to behold and gets even better if you can produce the offending item and threaten to wear it on the school run!

Well, you are about to get your chance again as the Denim Jacket makes yet another come back this season.

Though the hot weather has been around for a few days, sales of these jackets are going up and up as we all fear that we’ve seen the best of the summer weather and need to be prepared for yet another chilly summer term.

And where better to go for your Girls Denim Jackets than the home of all the best denim styles, GAP.

GAP have created a fantastic European online shop that has everything you can find in the stores as well as web exclusives which make shopping online so much better.

Not only do you get the latest in styles and the full range of stock, even if you can’t find it in your local store, but you can also make sure they have the size and colour you need without having to drag your entire family to the shops and miss out on what may be the last of the summer sun.

Choose from the classic denim jacket or the white denim jacket to achieve the look that you want and then coordinate it with several thin layers to provide the style everyone is wearing right now.

Use floral layers to add a touch of femininity to the jacket and take the opportunity to add prints and patterns that are a must have in everything the kids wear this season.

Team with shorts, dresses, skirts, trousers or jeans that suit the occasion – you remember how versatile your denim jacket was (and probably still is!) so let your daughter run with her imagination and create her own look and style.

The most important thing with the denim jacket is to personalise it to reflect the individual, though badges and transfers are a big no, no, the right patches or embellishments will make your daughters jacket stylish, trendy and unique to her.

So let your daughter go out in style this season and get her a denim jacket from GAP, they are hard wearing, versatile and so adaptable that they are a mothers dream yet they look so great every girl wants one and you don’t want to be the mother that says no …. do you..?